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NextCare Urgent Care offers DOT medical exams for New Certification or Recertification with FMCSA

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New Certification or Recertification

As announced in early 2013, DOT/FMCSA has implemented new medical administrative processes, and as part of the new process all DOT Medical Examiners are required to undergo specialized DOT training, take a DOT certification and maintain certification as a Medical Examiner with FMCSA. Drivers and employers should be aware that as of July 1st 2014, all DOT exam results will be recorded electronically with FMCSA, as per Federal regulation.

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DOT Physicals for Just $95

As part of the evaluation process, there may be additional minimal charges for tests based on any abnormal findings during the physical (i.e., positive test for sugar in urine may result in blood sugar test). If additional testing is performed at our clinic locations (finger-stick blood sugar, Pulmonary Function Test [PFT], EKG, etc.), employee will be informed of this charge prior to the test being performed.

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