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You feel like you’ve broken a bone. Why let the pain linger?


Most of our locations nationwide offer in-house X-ray Services so come and get checked out immediately. From broken bones to compound fractures, we at NextCare can service your most urgent injuries. You can check in online so that you don’t have to wait in the lobby for your X-ray.

NextCare Urgent Care offers in-house X-Ray Services at most of its locations nationwide.  If you are in need for an X-ray for any type of injury like a broken bone or a compound fracture, come to NextCare and get checked out. With our in-house X-ray machines, we are ready to service your most urgent injuries. From broken bones to compound fractures, NextCare’s X-ray services can help.

X-rays available at NextCare:

  • Upper extremities: hand, wrist, elbow, arm (humerus, ulna, radius)
  • Lower extremities: foot, ankle, knee, leg (tibia, fibula, femur)
  • Chest (lungs)
  • Spine / Lumbar
  • Abdominal
  • Pelvis / Hip
Our X-ray services may vary by State or Location. To confirm that your nearest NextCare can provide the X-ray you need, please call our customer service center at 888-381-4858.