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DOT Physicals​

For Employers

A DOT physical is a specific physical examination performed by a DOT Certified Medical Examiner. The standards are set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as minimums requirements for safety-dependent occupations in the over-the-road transportation industry.

If you have any questions, as an employer or driver, about our DOT testing services, contact us today. We offer flexible hours and welcome your inquiries!

Drivers with any sort of medical problem, current or suspected, are strongly advised to bring all information with them at the time of the initial visit to the DOT Medical Examiner. This will avoid unnecessary delays and additional expense for the driver.

  • A List of any Medications Taken
  • Corrective lenses
  • A letter from Your PCP Regarding Control of any Diabetic Condition, High Blood Pressure or other chronic condition or ongoing medication use.
  • Valid State Issued Identification such as a Driver’s License

While a DOT physical does not include a fitness test or a drug test (both of these are at the employer’s discretion within legal limits), most other parts of the body are tested. In addition to the usual physical exam to look for underlying or newly developed health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, your DOT physical also includes the following tests: vision (Minimum Standard: one eye better than 20/40, with corrective lenses) and hearing (Minimum Standard: one ear better than -40 dB with or without hearing aids), urinalysis (to test for diabetes and kidney function only), and a neurological test of reflexes.

All actions that occur with a DOT physical exam encounter must be recorded and reported to DOT/FMCSA. Physical exams may no longer be ‘held’ while awaiting further information from a driver’s primary care provider or specialist.

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Whether you are an employer or driver, it is important that you know the proper steps and requirements for obtaining a valid exam. At NextCare Urgent Care, we offer walk-in DOT physicals for our patients, at an affordable cost. Our experienced and friendly medical staff is skilled when it comes to DOT physicals and provide a fast and comfortable experience.

With our on-site laboratories, drivers or employers will receive fast and accurate results in no time! At our walk-in clinic, we promise great medical service and are able to your DOT physical needs on your schedule. We recommend that you call ahead to confirm that a DOT Certified Medical Examiner is on site at your desired visit time.

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