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Urgent Care Insurance Plans & Information

We accept most insurance plans.

Bringing affordable medical care to everyone.

NextCare accepts all major insurance plans to make sure that you get the professional, compassionate care you need when feeling great just can’t wait. If you would like to verify that your specific insurance plan is accepted before your visit, click on your state below to see the entire list or feel free to call 1-888-381-4858 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

No Insurance or High Deductibles?

NextCare and its family of brands are the ideal alternative for your health care needs. Clinics are operated by top quality medical professionals, so our patients can be confident that they’re getting the highest level of care. With our Medical Discount Programs, we offer a cost-effective solution for customers who don’t have health insurance or have a high-deductible health insurance plan. When you pay out of pocket, your urgent care visit costs can average $250. Using an emergency room could cost you $800 or more and could take hours for you to see a provider. With a NextCare Medical Discount Program, you have access to a cost-effective solution that gets you the immediate healthcare assistance you need for non-life-threatening illness and injuries.

Trouble paying your bill? Please contact us at (888) 705-8558 to hear about our payment plans.