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Curbside & Alternative Entrance

NextCare and its family of brands are dedicated to creating a safe and accessible healthcare environment for patients. To continue to serve our communities while we face COVID-19, we are excited to announce we are expanding our services to offer Virtual Care. You can access a provider from the comfort of your home or office with your web browser via the HIPAA secure platform. We accept most major insurances, cash pay and medical discount program members. Below you will find a list of states where we currently offer Virtual Care services. Please click the state you are currently located in below to access the virtual queue and complete the registration process.


At our clinics, patient safety is our number one priority. With this in mind, we are now offering our Curbside Care program, which allows you to drive up, stay in your vehicle and let us come to you. We especially encourage patients experiencing COVID-19 or viral symptoms to utilize this service.  This will allow us to perform an evaluation and, should it be necessary, testing collections from the comfort and safety of your vehicle. Curbside Care allows our patients to practice social distancing and proper precautions while still being able to have their health needs evaluated. Please note a variety of circumstances such as inclement weather, clinic utilization, staff availability and ultimately our Provider’s discretion will determine whether or not your visit is completed Curbside or in the clinic. If you do NOT present viral or COVID-19 symptoms, you will be asked to come into the clinic to complete your visit. We recommend all patients book a time online at to help reduce your wait time at the clinic. To access curbside care please contact the clinic prior to visiting. Look for the Curbside icon located on the location page to identify clinics that may offer Curbside care


NextCare is working to provide Curbside Care and Virtual Care in as many markets as possible.  Rest assured we’re still taking precautions at locations where these services are not yet available.  At many of our clinics, we’re utilizing an alternative entrance for patients who are presenting COVID-19 or viral symptoms in effort to limit unnecessary exposure to patients and clinic exam rooms. Instructional signage will be posted onsite for patients to follow upon clinic arrival.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

NextCare and its family of brands has announced it will begin using the new Abbott ID-NOW technology to test for COVID-19. This new test is groundbreaking in both its design and efficiency and allows patients to receive their results in under 15 minutes. If a patient is positive for COVID-19, a result will be known in as little as 5 minutes and if a patient is negative for COVID-19, a result will be known in as little as 13 minutes. The efficiency of ID-NOW COVID-19 is helpful in not only allowing the patient to know their specific result, but the speed of the test allows healthcare professionals to make appropriate and more efficient treatment and infection control decisions.

Due to limited supplies, at this time we are reserving these tests for patients who have met provider-determined criteria.

Patients who MAY be eligible for a Rapid COVID-19 Test:

  • Patients who present symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Asymptomatic First Responders/Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure, Public Safety & Congregate setting
  • Return to Work Employees requiring a test
  • Individuals requiring a test for a medical or dental procedure
  • Patients who are not experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19
  • Within Household or amongst family members
  • Within a community with known transmission
  • High-risk event (e.g., concert, sporting event, protest, rally, etc.)
  • Requiring testing prior to travel

*Non-rapid patients would be eligible for a specimen collection send-out COVID-19 Test.

The above criteria is a generalization of patients who should expect to receive rapid COVID-19 testing and patients who should expect to receive specimen collection send-out COVID-19 testing at locations that offer both options. The final determination will be made at the time of visit by the provider treating the patient.

The locations below with the “RAPID COVID-19 TESTING” icon (pictured below) have the ability to offer rapid test results.


ATTENTION PATIENTS: Our clinics are currently experiencing a surge in demand. Due to high volumes many of the reference labs used for COVID-19 Specimen Collection and Antibody tests are experiencing delays in providing our clinics test results. Please be advised we will communicate results as soon as our reference labs have provided them to us.

*Disclaimer – NextCare is working to secure resources to offer the both Rapid COVID-19 and specimen collection service at as many locations as possible. Due to increased demand and limited supplies NextCare cannot guarantee this service will be available at every location. NextCare will only administer this service when a provider determines it necessary and resources are available to conduct the collection service.