NextCare Urgent Care

Improve your employee health and your bottom line!

• Promote wellness for your employees with access to high quality, low cost urgent care facilities

• Cover up to 90% of your employees’ healthcare needs with Advantage urgent care benefit

• Improve work attendance – absenteeism can cost up to $3,600+ per employee annually

The Advantage Medical Discount Program – brought to you by NextCare and its family of brands – is a monthly membership that offers access to comprehensive healthcare at a low price. Designed to enhance employer benefits, Advantage enables your employees to address non-life threatening, non-chronic medical issues quickly and conveniently at our participating urgent care locations.







Whether or not your company offers insurance, Advantage can help your employees and their family members with their health needs. With average annual deductibles for a single coverage as high as $1,655++, employees may avoid treating illness which costs your business time and money.


How Does It Work?

The Advantage Group Medical Discount Program is a one-year commitment for your company that can be renewed annually. Your company prepays the first month for each employee/family member enrolled and then is billed monthly for each member thereafter. The employee/family member is charged a flat fee each time they visit one of our clinics.* Your company will have the ability to add or remove members on a monthly basis.



Your annual fee covers the following services:
• Initial set up of employee/family memberships

• Automatic payment processing of monthly membership fees

• Additions and terminations of memberships as needed

• No limit on number of memberships for your organization