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It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Vaccine at NextCare Urgent Care

December 7, 2016

Experts say even if flu season is in full swing, it’s not too late to get vaccinated. A late flu shot can still protect you from the virus, even after the flu has started to affect those around you. While it’s certainly ideal to get your shot in the fall — typically around September or October before the season really kicks off — getting your shot late is better than not getting one at all.

A textbook flu season generally runs from December to February, but some years it kicks in as early as October and lasts well into the spring months, ending in May. So even if you wait until mid-winter to get vaccinated, it can still protect you from a virus you can contract later in the season.

As the saying goes, better late than never.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that everyone six months of age or older get a vaccination during the flu season to guard against the 2016-17 flu season.

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