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See What Everyone is Saying About WAHOO

November 19, 2020

People love our WAHOO (Wait at Home or Office) online check-in system because it makes getting in line even easier. On our website, you can see how many patients are ahead of you and get text updates when it’s time to come in. It saves people time when they’re sick. But you don’t have to take our word for it. See what everyone else is saying about WAHOO.

“I was very pleased with my experience yesterday. I checked in online and the system tells you when to arrive based on how many are in front of you. In addition, you receive an email reminder 30 minutes prior to your arrival. Check-in was seamless; a quick ID and insurance card with a one-sheet app and I was good to go. I was seen in ten minutes, got my vitals taken and asked a quick questionnaire done by support staff and the provider was in to see me lickety-split. A very bubbly PA Suzanne diagnosed my condition within moments, prescribed a couple of things and I was out the door. However, she was very efficient and informative during that time. One of the prescriptions was very expensive with no generic alternative, but a quick revisit and Suzanne and the staff had me out the door quickly again with a less costly, yet effective alternative scrip. Candidly, if this particular experience is what I can normally expect, then I won’t be going to my doctor much.” Phoenix

“I love that I could wait at home with a very sick kid. And not worry about waiting in a waiting room.” Austin

“Need to see a doctor for sinus issues in a hurry because you feel so bad? I suggest using the WAHOO service so they can call or text you when it’s time to see the doctor. Works great.” Dallas